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There's probably a reason

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Have you ever noticed that people don't pray for amputees to have their limbs grow back? Or for someone with two glass eyes to see? Why not? They will pray for cancer to be cured, or for pain to be reduced, or for healing but notice something interesting. All these things will, at least occasionally, happen anyway.

Have you even winced when told exactly what Scientologists believe? Consider what someone from a different religion thinks about other people's religion, each one claiming to worship the one true God or Gods. And they believe it with all their heart, having examples of people who have been directly affected by prayers or other supplications to thier God.

Realize that essentially all advancements made by humanity has come from embracing a rational approach to understanding, where ideas are tested and those that don't work are discarded. Only in this way do we advance useful, predictive, knowledge.

Brian Cox saying Science is different

When you read about the myths of Zeus and the many Sun Gods you think "what primitive people". Yet the Abrahamic Gods have far more ridiculous claims that will look just as silly in a thousand years.

Mind you, religion has contributed to knowledge by funding discovery in the past but those days are long gone. Now it funds things like a giant Ark, spending millions to try convincing gullible believers that the Earth is only 6000 years old in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The age of the earth is no longer even an interesting question to scientists because it has been so incredibly well validated. That is, we have evidence from a dozen or more methods that all agree with remarkable accuracy that the earth is over 4 billion years old.

 We can see evidence every night in light that has travelled for millions of years. Denying this obvious fact, and getting millions of followers to deny it, is dangerous to our goal of making good policy based on reality.

Ignoring science that's so extraordinarily well backed up is the tip of an ignorance iceberg that threatens to sink the ship of rationality. It's nothing short of a travesty.


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