It just doesn't add up, does it?
There's a reason for that—it's not real.

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Have you ever noticed that things you pray for don't always come true? In fact, they don't come true quite a bit.

Have you ever noticed that prayers are never made for amputees? Or those who have terminal illnesses that are always fatal? That's because prayers really don't do anything.

Do you think that the earth is less than 10,000 years old? The evidence for an old earth, and evolution, is every as sound as the evidence for germ theory or for atomic theory.

Did you know that all advancements made by humanity has come from the scientific method, where ideas are tested and those that don't pass a verifiable test are discarded. Only in this way do we advance useful, predictive, knowledge.

When you read about the myths of Zeus and the many Sun Gods you think "what primitive people". Yet the Christian and Muslim gods have far more ridiculous claims that will, in the light of time, look just as silly in a thousand years.

Religion always holds back knowledge.

Billboard to help people see that, whatever their particular god, they're all myth's.


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