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There's probably a reason

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How Can We Know Real Truth?

The best way is to use what has worked. Ask around, but ask the most knowledgeable sources, those respected by their peers who use the same method that has taught us so much, that has accomplished so much. That method is science.

How Can We Trust the Scientists?

Good question because they're all human and, occasionally, a very few will abandon their usual search for truth and turn towards a search for glory. Again, ask around, but ask their peers.

What Can We Trust On The Web?

The best way is to use what has worked. Ask around, but again, ask the trustworthy, those who have something to lose, those that aren't selling snake oil or its equivalent, those who have done real science, maybe in another field.

Realize the web has both made us smarter by providing more access to information, but made many dumber by letting them believe bizarre things.

If major orgs like the Cancer society, and others have positions on an item, take it with more weight than some doctor who has published a book but is not respected by their peers. That says a lot.

Remember, the web is chalk full of crackpots and misinformation using websites that look super slick, super convincing and are super unbelievable.



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